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Safety is our primary concern and so we maintain the highest standards in safety and related matters without compromise. We risk assess all activities objectively, then design and implement procedures and practises which protect our clients and associates.
The programmes and events that we organize will give you the chance to step out your comfort zone and get the peak experience from it. All the activities are guided by the principle of  “Challenge by Choice”, but we will encourage you to have a “GO”.
Whether it be for personal challenge, leadership training or exploring the nature, our programmes offer all participants the experience, inspiration and encouragement to discover and develop their life.
We will make sure that once you get out of the classroom/boardroom, you will have a great experience with your team whether they are exercising in a country park, mountains or the ocean, or having fun “playing” in the snow once again.
Xtraventure Training and Events Limited (XTE) is a company dedicated to helping individuals, teams, schools, organizations and corporations use experiential education as an effective tool for achieving their goals. We offer team building experiences for any group to improve the way they work together and develop a higher level of team performance.
The FOUR key elements of the programmes and events that we organize and provide: