Corporate Programme 企業培訓課程
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XTE Professional Training
We design outdoor activities and events with team building and challenging elements. All of our adventure-based training and development services are custom tailored to target your business and your staff. We start with your training objectives, and help you design an adventure-based training approach that makes sense for your organization.

• Effective Leadership 有效領導

• Clear and Motivating Goals 有共同及明確的目標

• Commitment to Individual and Team Roles 有負任感

• Multi-Directional Communication 多向及全面的溝通

• Authority to Decide or Act 有決策及執行的權力

• Reliance on Diverse Talents 依重各人的能力

• Mutual Support and Trust 互信及互相支持

Training Programmes:

1. Tailor made team building programmes 特別制定的培訓課程

2. In-house training programmes 內部培訓課程

3. Corporate Sports Day 企業競技日

4. Inter-company sport intelligent race 公司之間的鬥智鬥力比賽

5. City Challenge 城市挑戰日

6. Multi-day Hong Kong or overseas programmes 在香港或海外的多日課程

Adventure Activities:

• Team Building Challenges and Initiatives 團隊培訓活動

• Abseiling 沿繩下降

• Ropes Course 繩網

• Rock Climbing 攀石

• Kayaking 獨木舟

• Mountain Biking 越野單車

• Raft Building 竹筏

• Hiking 遠足

• Orienteering 越野定向

• Overnight Camping 露營

The challenging activities and tasks  we design focus on following characters of a high performance team: